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11.6'' translucent color silicon Soft Keyboard cover, silicon keyboard rubber

11.6'' translucent color silicon Soft Keyboard cover, silicon keyboard rubber
Product Detailed

11.6'' translucent color silicon Soft Keyboard cover,silicon keyboard rubber

11.6'' translucent color silicon Soft Keyboard cover ,silicon keyboard rubber 


1, the product is a new generation of high-quality pure silicone material of high toughness, in accordance with the books carefully custom tailor the keyboard, without cutting, can be covered.
2, soft and flexible, ultra-thin design (only thick 0.3MM), automatically close adsorbed on the surface of the keyboard, without prejudice to any keyboard.
3, the waterproof and dustproof, anti no longer have to worry about tea, cola, juice, coffee and other liquid has been spilled into the keyboard while the damage to the computer.
4, easy to clean, washed thousands of times without distortion, easily antimicrobial, protect your health, so that bacteria from your fingers.
5, super breathable, the use of plane to guide cooling technology, and better heat dissipation, the surface can withstand 270 °C high temperature deformation.
6, high light resistance, UV damage, with a long time and will not turn yellow after 96 hours of light for Experimental
7, in line with international environmental requirements, noise, completely non-plastic, automatic adsorption, do not worry there is glue residue, and better protect the keyboard.

Characteristics Advantages
Silicone keyboard membrane keyboard membrane and other materials, compared with the following advantages:
* Easy installation: Due to excellent adhesion of the material itself, and add static adsorption layer, no additional paste the fixed. Laid directly on the keyboard can be used in the books.
* Not easy to distort: the chemical properties of silica is relatively stable, even in high temperature environment is also not easy to distort color, use 2-3 years.
* High flexibility: the material itself has a high elasticity, tensile stretch will not be deformed, forced kneading, pulling immediately after reinstatement. Do not worry about cleaning pull Kneading and rupture. Percussion keyboard, keyboard silicone membrane will move up and down with the buttons and moderate extension and did not affect the use of hand.
* Fit the keyboard: Compact design allows the keyboard bump, arc fully consistent with various models of notebook computers. Tong Shi, percussion Jianpan O'clock, no Huadong, shedding phenomenon.
* High heat resistance: the use of pure silicone keyboard silicone membrane material, it has a -60 to 250 degrees of heat resistance, only white smoke with the fire burning and not easily deformed.
This subsection for Apple APPLE apple mac book
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